My goal is to provide my clients with the best possible service which generates a design that exceeds their own expectations

From our initial meeting, to the conceptual stages, to the back and forth feedback and revisions, to developing the final solution, and finally the implementation and reflection...

I want my clients to enjoy the process as much as I do.

Who am I

With over 21 years of design experience and having worked within in-house, studio and startup environments, I have had the honor of working with many facets of design in a variety of different levels. Dealing with complicated branding projects to developing a web presence to strengthening an identity through print advertisement, there is rarely a design situation I have not faced before. I love designs that solve the problem with minimal complication. I also however love to work through a multi-layered design that dances across that fine art line. I am always drawn to type based designs and appreciate work that pushes the boundry. Experimental type driven work is something I find myself admiring.

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What do I do

Aside from bringing my passion and love for design to client work, I have also been teaching now for over 12 years. I teach courses ranging from intro, typography, package development, brand identity, typeface development and publication. The constant balance of client work and teaching has been an amazing asset and one I feel extremely grateful to have in my career. I build each course with projects that require the class to solve what is relavant to real world scenarios. Students can view current and past assignments in the student section.

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What am I passionate about

I enjoy traveling and some of my favorite cities I have been to are Brugge, Rothenburg, Montreal, Galway and San Diego. I love music and going to shows when ever possible. I am a huge fan of soccer and played up to a few years ago when being a father became more of a priority. When the snow falls, I get excited for skiing but Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Cool, crisp air in the mornings, foiliage, football, pumpkins, halloween and my daughter’s birthdays. A vice would be coffee. I refuse to start my day without espresso which is typically followed by more espresso throughout the day. I am a fan of the Red Sox, Skins and Bayern Munich. I enjoy photography and started to get into furniture building. Bust most importantly I enjoy spending time with my family. All of the things I enjoyed while younger is more enjoyable being able to share these passions with my wife and two daughters.

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How I Work

I approach every project from a unique angle and look to ask as many questions as possible. Understanding why the client is looking to have this project completed, THEN I can investigate what project should ultimately achieve. This will allow for the answers to the project question dictate and evolve into a thoroughly investigated piece that is highly effective.

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Surrey Institute of Art & Design
Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
Graphic Design & New Media - Typography
September 2005

Rhode Island College
Providence, Rhode Island
Art - Graphic Design
May 2001


eedrap design
Providence, Rhode Island
2001 to present
Designer and Developer

Roger Williams University
Bristol, Rhode Island
2007 to present
Adjunct Professor

Johnson & Wales University
Providence, Rhode Island
2016 to 2017
Adjunct Professor

Rhode Island Small Business Journal
Johnston, Rhode Island
2011 to 2013
Creative Director

Focus Business Solutions
Johnston, Rhode Island
2005 to 2013
Creative Director and Designer

Surrey Institute of Art & Design
Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
2004 to 2005
Teachers Assistant and Sub Teacher

Johnston, Rhode Island
2002 to 2006
Graphic/Web/Multimedia Designer

The Local Mix
Cranston, Rhode Island
2001 to 2004
Creative Director and Partner

Providence, Rhode Island
Creative Director and Partner

Rhode Island Novelty/Bestway USA
Johnston, Rhode Island
1998 to 2003
Graphic Designer

From initial meeting to conceptual designs...

On our initial meeting, questions will be asked along with expectations for the project. Making sure we are both on the same page from the very beginning is extremely important. The information the stronger and more effective the initial prototypes will be developed. revisions and implementation

Communication is vital to not only building a well developed design piece but building a solid relationship. That relationship with an honest discussion about the project and revisions help push the project and trust. Every step of the project I make myself available and give you clear deadlines. Promises are fulfilled, deadlines never missed and exceeding expectations is my goal.

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